Foot Warts

What are Foot warts?

Foot warts, caused by a virus, are warts that grow on the underside of the foot. The warts are usually about 1cm in diameter. They are a common complaint among children and adults. Sometimes a single wart may have many small warts surrounding it. A single wart with many small warts is called a Mosaic Wart. They are often confused with calluses and splinters because of their color or small dark specks within the wart.

Foot warts are often transmitted from one person to another through direct contact to the affected area, in swimming pools, showers and changing areas. They may be contagious.

If you have foot warts and plan to go swimming, wear a special sock so you don't spread it to other people. Foot warts can be transmitted through water, so take precautions when walking in the bathroom and near pools. Wearing flip-flops around wet areas are advised.

Foot warts are also called Verrucaes. Treatment may include oral medication, topical medication or surgery for resistent warts.

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